What is Gland Packaging Used For?

What is Gland Packaging Used For?

Whether they come in acrylic, aluminium or carbon, gland packaging has been used for many years as a solution for limiting the amount of fluid that leaks from valves.

Wherever motion is applied to a valve or pump, the friction caused may result in a gradual determination of the device.

These structural weaknesses don’t only cause leaks, but can also make the valve difficult to operate. Our gland packing services enable you to ensure that the chance of this happening, is reduced.

What is Gland Packaging?

Gland packaging materials are compressed to create a watertight seal in a rotating shaft. This material is generally treated with graphite or tallow to ensure that the tap can be operated with relative ease, while also assisting with leak prevention.

Gland packaging and their counterparts, stuffing boxes, are a crucial part of pumps and shafts, and they enjoy a diverse range of applications across a number of engineering fields.

Why Gland Packaging is Essential

Pumps, valves and shafts are typically associated with a certain level of automation when it comes to fluid control, which makes it important that they are both reliable and efficient.

This means that leaks need to be kept to a minimum to ensure a steady flow of fluids depending on the operations it is being applied to.

Automation too, is not really possible when faulty valves and shafts causes delays and downtime, making their protection quite an important factor to consider.

Furthermore, the protection provided by gland packaging ensures that you get more life out of your components, limiting the cost of replacement, repairs and downtime significantly.

Where are they Used?

As stated earlier, gland packaging has a remarkably diverse scope of applications. They are most commonly found in our own homes and offices, in taps. Rotating taps present the exact type of motion that requires protection from gland packaging.

Aside from that, they have an incredible range of industrial applications where fluid control forms the crux of many business tasks. They are also commonly found on boats, where the motor turns a shaft that is attached to an external propeller.

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