Things to Think About when Selecting a Mechanical Seal

Things to Think About when Selecting a Mechanical Seal

For each business out there, operations are conducted differently. This can be attributed to the environment and industry in which they operate, the costs of operation, what is being produced, the type of equipment being used and so forth. To complicate things all the more, each business takes their own organisational structure to tacking a workload.

This makes it important for businesses in the industrial sector to make use of machines, parts, equipment and components that suit their needs, which makes it all the more important to find a mechanical seal manufacturer in Johannesburg that can provide the right mechanical seals. Of course, before buying any, you need to determine what your needs are. These points should help with that.

Operational Conditions

Operational conditions will concern the exact nature of your processes and concerns factors such as operational pressures and temperatures, the characteristics of fluids being worked with, and limitations to be drawn on emissions.

Selecting Seal Material

The next thing to consider is what type of materials your mechanical seals need to be made up of. Selecting the right material will depend on varying factors such as temperature constraints, thermal expansion and conductivity, wear resistance and chemical resistance.

Face & Component Materials

When looking at the materials used for seal faces and components, it is important to know what type of wear resistance is required, what the seal’s leakage and friction properties are, how effective its thermal properties are and of course, what your needs for corrosion resistance are.

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