The type SCSS156 is a kind of special heavy type mechanical seal for similar slurry fluid, which is adopted the structure of rubber septum and o-ring suitable for handling the fluid containing solid or fibred impurity such as sewage and dreg slurring etc to meet the need of some industries such as power, petrochemical, oil field and metallurgy etc.


  • Integral hard face: Optimized design of integral seal ring, corrosion resistant hard material, contacting with the medium at the maximum limit and excellent heat dispersing effect.
  • Balance design: Less influence from the cavity pressure, high pressure endured ability and abroad application.
  • Multi-spring outboard: Abroad axial compensation, even face loading, no clogging and sticking.
  • Combination style secondary seal: Combination of rubber septum and o-ring can prevent solid blocking and make it slip agile to endure higher pressure.
  • Cartridge design: Ensure the accuracy of seals in working situation, fit conveniently and fast and eliminate errors during the installation.
  • Design of reverse pressure resistance: Particular structure design can endure the instant reverse pressure to prevent the sudden failure.


  • Temperature: -30 deg C-220 deg C
  • Pressure: 0-2.5MPa
  • Speed: Up to 25m/s
  • Size available: 45mm-200mm (metric) or 1.75”-8” (Inch)