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Getting A Seal Of Approval

Getting A Seal Of Approval

What Are Slurry Seals?

Slurry seals are an implementation of a substance which is comprised of a composition of water, clusters of small and mashed up rocks, asphalt mixture, as well as other preservatives.

These slurry seals are designed for roadway surfaces.

The reason it is used is to seal the road.

What this means is that by slurry sealing the surface, it is a coat of protection which essentially ensures a fresh road to drive on.

The roads chosen for such a technique are roads which have very little maintenance needs, and that which is not severely damaged.

Slurry seals are used to shut the cracks on the road, while also reimposing the pliability of the roadway surface.

What this also does is actually conserve the foundation of the road.

Slurry seals are can be applied on a regular basis (usually every five to seven years) or on an irregular cycle.

This is all dependent on things such as the level of traffic in the area, the area itself, the weather in the space, as well as the condition of the road.

Due to the fact that slurry seals set after a number of hours, it is usually used in parking areas, as well as places with a low traffic percentage.

Benefits of Slurry Seal:

  •             Minimises Oxidation
  •             Correct the damages
  • Enhancing the beauty of the road
  • Skid resistance
  • Minimising the ease of access of water

First Seal provides this service with reliability and effectiveness.

What is Gland Packing?

Gland packing is a process which uses string, soaked in a type of blubber or in a kind of grease.

When placed around a revolving handle, the gland packing seal will ensure that there are no leakages.

An example of this type of seal is found in a tap.

A faucet uses gland packing technology to form a sort of adhesive which will guarantee that no water is able to escape.

On a centrifugal pump, the gland is used similarly, however it is administered in a way which will ensure no leakages for a device which is used for a much longer period of time.

Double-acting steam pistons, hand pumps and wind pumps all use the gland packing technique.

Gland packing, as well as mechanical seals, are vital pieces of pumps and shafts.

A large part of the engineering components needs these gland pieces in order for their functions to work at an optimum level.

Although gland packing is a reliable and efficient form of decreasing or nullifying water leakages, the amount of maintenance which is needed to keep the system running well, as well as the cost of maintenance, could be something which detracts certain engineers or engineering companies.

These glands need to also be almost constantly lubricated, as with the gland packing process there could be leaks if it is not.

Abrasive liquids are also detrimental to the length of how long the gland packing can last for.

This means that corrosion can occur, leaving you now having to replace the glands which cost money and may also increase downtime.

However, such packing can actually outlive the seals on the system and have been known to cope with tough liquids.

Another plus is that gland packing allows for an easy to maintain the item, where seals make it a lot more of a challenge to fix.

The reason for this is that the pump will not be able to perform its task, therefore it will stop being used, while it is being dealt with.

Gland Packing Versus Mechanical Seals

It’s not to say that gland packing is better or worse than mechanical seals, it’s simply that they have different strengths and weaknesses, but both serve good and vital services for pumps and shafts.

Without the two systems, many engineering plants and machines would not be able to fulfil their purpose.

Choosing one or the other depends entirely on your financial estimate, as well as your ability to have it maintained.

Depending on what your system is doing could mean that a seal or packing is the better option.

This is because, for example, gland packing works better than seals in spaces within a space that has corrosive tendencies.

Seals would start to whither quickly in this environment, requiring you to replace and fix the shafts or pumps more frequently.

Gland Packing

Where it is effective, gland packing is also a method which requires costly repairs.

Packing is also susceptible to sprouting leaks with liquid or gas systems.

Lubricating needs to be done a lot so that leakages don’t occur, meaning that maintenance is not only costly, but it is also time-consuming.

Although gland packing works well in corrosive conditions, the length of time that the system will last for will be severely decreased.

It’s not all bad though.

There are situations where gland packing is more efficient than mechanical seals, as mentioned above, in the case of aggressive fluids.

Practices that utilise ball valves as well as valve clocks, globes and gate, work better for gland packing over mechanical seals.

Reciprocating pumps is a system which stores a large volume of liquid, and is released using pressure. An example of reciprocating pumps is a bicycle pump.

The gland packing style is used in a reciprocating pump as it is more effective than mechanical seals in this system.

Mechanical Seals

Mechanical sealing is the favoured type of system used by engineering processes.

Far more engineering applications use mechanical seals because it causes fewer issues in terms of leaks.

All in all mechanical seals require a very low amount of maintenance.

Seals also help with reducing your energy consumption, which can help in keeping costs low.

While keeping costs lower, mechanical seals also provide more efficiency in terms of time and effort.

Mechanical seals are not without their faults though.

Due to the pressure and temperature levels being funnelled through space, including accidental dry running, seals can begin to become worn out and will start to degenerate faster.

The prices of mechanical seals are also much more than gland packing.

Mechanical Seals or Gland Packing?

The question is not really which one is better than the other, it’s more so which one will work best for you?

Choosing either mechanical seals or gland packing will all depend on what type of system you have. Doing your research will allow you to understand exactly what you need.

Knowing which one will provide you with the best quality service, as well as give you little to no hassles, will save your business time and money.

Why Do We Need These Items

Not having pumps or other systems sealed can cause a lot of damage and can even lead to death.

With certain chemical gases being pushed through these pumps, the last thing you would want is for huge amounts of the gas, or even liquids, leaking out into the work area and causing health concerns for your staff.

Mechanical seals or gland packing stop these types of incidents from happening.

First Seal, Controlled Liquid Systems

If you are looking for a business who supplies both mechanical seals and gland packing then First Seal is the right supplier for you.

First Seal not only supplies mechanical seals and gland packing but they also manufacture them.

Finding a business who knows exactly what you need is a huge benefit when trying to get the right product for the right system.

With over fifty years of experience in the mechanical seal manufacturing process, First Seal has always believed that it is good to pave your own way, as well as also being able to design and create pretty much any kind of seal the consumer needs.

Starting with the repairing of systems in the pneumatic industry and also then dealing with the mechanical seal industry, after the pneumatic sector was sold, First Seal focused their efforts in the seal business.

First Seal is not just a mechanical seal supplier, they are focused on providing custom made seals which will work for your business.

They are not concerned with simply making money, First Seal wants to know that what they have given you will provide reliability and efficiency.


First Seal provides slurry seals as well as pumps made completely in South Africa.

Having it made locally means that it will not only take a shorter time to receive the products, it will also cost less than having to import products from countries that are overseas.

First Seal has even been known to develop specific items for mining companies in South Africa.

Getting your product at the right price and in the fastest time will most definitely improve your productivity.

First Seal Services

Mechanical Seal Repairs

Regardless of where you get your mechanical seals, they will at some point deteriorate and will need to be replaced either before or after leakages begin to occur.

First Seal is able to replace, repair and remodel your mechanical seals and regardless of the type of seal, they are able to provide the parts for it.

Pump Repairs

The same like mechanical seal maintenance pumps also go through a lot of use, and as such need to be replaced before anything occurs which could damage your work area.

First Seal guarantees that they have the know-how and the supplies necessary to be able to fix your seal and pump and valve disparity.

Taking into account your business’s design specifications, First Seal will implement new items which go with the original design while also trying to improve the quality of your system, not overpricing you for their products or service.

Gland Packing

Everything has a time limit and once the limit is up you will need to replace it.

Gland packing is something which requires repairs where liquid or gas compartments are used.

First Seal provides a whole host of different packing items to meet their client’s demands.

Company Buying

Among all of the above-mentioned services, First Seal also provides a service which will attend to the day to day purchases of any products your company needs.

Cartridge Seals

Cartridge seals are also another alternative to use for your systems.

These cartridge seals are actually an item which contains a shaft sleeve, a seal, and a gland layer.

This item is then placed onto a pump shaft and no other fittings are needed for the pump to begin operating.

The only issue is that the pump and pump shaft needs to be in tip-top shape and space needs to be very compact for the cartridge seal to work.

However, when it works it is a luxury to be able to conveniently use your pump.

Why Should You Choose First Seal?

First Seal takes its Mechanical seal supplier business very seriously.

With their range of expertise in the market, as well as the drive to give you the best items at the best price, the right choice is First Seal.

Their mechanical seals and gland packing products, which they manufacture and can also import,  are top quality and are being used by a lot of companies as we speak.

First Seal has been working in this market for over fifty years and has always been committed to getting you the best product, at the best price and in the quickest time possible.

Contact First Seal For More Information

If you are looking for a manufacturer and supplier of mechanical seals and gland packing, then look no further. First Seal is motivated on getting you the best deal possible. One which works for your business. Contact First Seal for more information.

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