Advantages of Slurry Pumps

Advantages of Slurry Pumps

Slurry pumps are pumps widely used in the mining , power and chemical industries respectively. Slurry pumps have a high abrasion resistance and a long working life. The slurry pump also has a low energy consumption , as well as being light weight , this means that slurry pumps can reduce the energy consumption overall.

When to use a slurry pump

Liquid containing solid particles is referred to as slurry. Pumping slurry is very different to pumping dirty water , when pumping slurry , there are different requirements that need to be met. A wastewater pump is not able to handle the solid particles that are contained in the slurry. Slurry pumps need to be a more robust and heavy version of a regular centrifugal pump. The slurry pump is more capable of handling the tough and abrasive duties of pumping such particles , they have added sacrificial material and replaceable wear parts to withstand the wear and tear.

Both centrifugal and positive displacement pumps can be used to pump slurry. Centrifugal slurry pumps can have between bearing supported shafts with split casing , rubber or metal cased lining

Configurations include horizontal , vertical suspended and submersible.

How slurry pumps are used

Slurry pumps are used in the transport of abrasive solids in industries such as mining , dredging and steel. They are designed to be suitable for heavy-wearing and heavy-duty work loads. Depending on the situation , some slurries are corrosive which creates another problem because corrosive resistant materials like stainless steel are softer than other materials. The most common metal alloy used to create slurry pumps is known as “high-chrome” which is white iron with 25% chromium added to make the alloy less brittle. Rubber line casings are also put into use where the particles in the liquid are too small.

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